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My Name is Madison Peck (she/they) and I’m a 24 year old photographer,
barista, and cat parent in Providence, Rhode Island.

I’ve studied industrial design at Wentworth and general studies at Massart, in Boston. Throughout my whole life, I’ve found ways to incorporate art into my day including photographing concerts, dogs, nature, and, now, coffee.

I spend my weekdays as an assistant manager at a local cafe and small-batch roastery. While I’m there I double as a Social Media Manager and Content Creator, creating reels and photographing products and happenings for digital marketing.

On the weekends I spend my evenings photographing bands playing shows around Rhode Island. Supporting independent artists is something I find to be really important. We are still able to accomplish our creative endeavors with the support of each other, even if it seems to be at a “lower level.”

Everyone has their own way of seeing the world, I am grateful to be able to share my own. I’m hugely inspired by nature, films, and dark art. Including renaissance paintings and modern artists such as Nona Limmen and Chelsea Wolfe.

I aim to play with emotions by experimenting with different lighting, colors, and compositions. As well as touching on topics that are hard to talk about such as mental illnesses and unrealistic patriarchal standards.

I value love, kindness, and honesty. Inclusivity and safe spaces. Creating space for others who don’t have the same opportunities and dismantling the systems that keep people down.

My books are open so please feel free to email me! I am available for live music gigs and promotional photos as well as personal or professional portraits.

Have a business or product and need help with your Instagram? Let’s talk! I am available for contracted work with experience in grid planning.

I’d love to accomplish your vision and create with you!

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