Hands Off Update

In June of 2022, Roe V Wade was overturned resulting in the federal loss of certain necessary healthcare and human rights. As someone who felt greatly affected by this federal decision and sympathized with those in compromised positions, I couldn’t just sit back.

Over 40 orders were placed and, after the cost of making and mailing, $500 was raised.

THANK YOU for raising $500 with me!

The money immediately got donated to The National Network of Abortion Funds. NNAF is a non-profit that provides resources, travel costs, and care costs to those who require or want an abortion along with other forms of reproductive healthcare.

Reproductive healthcare is not just a woman’s issue, It’s not just a uterus issue. In order for the patriarchy to be dismantled, and control over our bodies to seize, the people who look like those in control must also speak up.

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